Sysvera® Pump Dispenser – SOS sunburns
In the Summer, in addition to sunshades and sunscreens, you can also carry to the beach your first aid kit for sunburns under the shape of a pump dispenser - Sysvera® 150ml.
Sysvera® Cool-gel Sunburns
Sysvera® Cool-gel is a refreshing gel that rapidly soothes your skin after sun exposure or contact with any other excessive heath.
Its formulation contains Aloe vera extract and D-panthenol. Sysvera Cool-gel prevents dry skin and skin dehydration by helping in its regeneration process.
Sysvera® Cool-gel takes good care of your skin.
Liposomial® product line – Anti-ageing
To keep age away from skin.
The main component of LIPOSOMIAL® ANTI-AGEING is the Liposomial complex, a lipid based compound, researched by LOTALIA, which possesses a structure that is similar to the membranes of cutaneous cells.
This product has true moisturizing power. This is based above all, on the action of its hyalluronic acid – the cosmetic moisturizing substance par excellence – which is intensified by the extraordinary quality of its bilaminar liposomes and also the unsurpassable conception of its excipient. This excipient not only induces perfect penetration of its active ingredients but also creates a fine emollient layer on the skin which is very pleasant and soothing. In addition, thanks to its soy proteins - which contain valuable isoflavones – LIPOSOMIAL® ANTI-AGEING also stimulates and activates the skin’s cellular function, improving its firmness and elasticity. This provides a long-lasting hydric balance and increased skin firmness.
Liposomial® product line – eye contour
By developing LIPOSOMIAL EYE CONTOUR CREAM, LOTALIA has created a product which, while it is active, is also light, penetrating and evanescent.
Belcils® Product Line – Vitalizing cream for eyelashes
Belcils® is a specific line for eye care and beauty. Since 1985, innovative and effective products have been introduced with the aim of satisfying all needs regarding eye contour, within maximum dermatological tolerance, developing dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested hypoallergenic formulas.
Belcils® vitalizing cream for eyelashes was the first product to be launched in 1985, becoming the pioneer within its category. After more than 25 years, it remains as top product and reference in pharmaceutical recommendation. Eyelashes have been the origin and pillar of brand growth and will go on being the inspiration for development of the most innovative products today and in the future.

Night treatment for eyelash growth and revitalization.

How to use the product:
Apply with the fingertips to clean eyelashes. Daily application is recommended, preferably before going to bed.
4 ml.

Belcils® Product Line – Vitalizing gel for eyelashes
Day treatment specific to the eyelash growth.
Stimulates natural growth: the combined action of Birch extract and Panthenol restructures eyelashes promoting their natural growth.
Strengthens: the biomimetic action of Hydrolyzed Keratin thickens lashes while maintaining their flexibility, strengthening them and preventing them from falling out.
Moisturises: due to the action of Hyaluronic acid.

How to use the product:
Apply the product with the brush from the root to the tips, over clean eyelashes. Preferably daytime use. Allows make-up to be applied on top. 8 ml.

Belcils® Product Line – Extra volume mascara
Thicker and longer eyelashes.
Make-up covering to thicken and lengthen eyelashes.
Contains CHITIN, a marine-derived natural polymer that covers your eyelashes intensely and evenly, giving them a spectacular volume.
Apply to perfectly clean eyelashes.
May be reapplied to achieve the desired strength.
8 ml

Belcils ®Product Line – Strengthening Mascara
Pestañas perfectamente maquilladas y con más fuerza.

Belcils® Product Line – Mascara Incolor
Curled, silky and protected eyelashes.
Special transparent mascara for moisturising and naturally curving eyelashes.
Apply to perfectly clean eyelashes.
May be reapplied to achieve the desired strength.
7 ml

Belcils® Product Line – Make-Up Remover
Deeply cleanses the eyelashes and the eyelids.
Smoothes, tones and relaxes the skin around the eyes.

Light deep-cleansing and soothing gel, especially recommended for eyelash and eyelid make-up removal.
Gently removes mascara from your eyelashes and make-up from your eyelids.
It does not irritate the eyes since its pH is similar to that of human tears.
It is a fresh, light, non-oily product that leaves a refreshing and light sensation.
It cleans the eyelashes making them silky and strong.
It cleans the eyelids leaving them smooth and relaxed.

How to apply the product:
Pour the required amount of product onto cotton-wool and gently wipe your eyelids and eyelashes (from root to tip) until the last trace of make-up and mascara has disappeared. Rinsing will not be necessary afterwards.

Belcils® Product Line – Puffy Eye Reducer
Treatment for reducing puffiness and clearing eyelids.
Reduces puffiness in the eye area, eliminating it completely in some cases.
Clears and relaxes swollen eyelids.

How to use the product:
Apply in the morning and at night by gently dabbing on eyelid skin and surrounding areas.
30 ml