Supplier Code of Conduct


Since SIDEFARMA, S.A. business activity impacts people’s lives and health, it must be unconditionally operated in a responsible and ethically correct manner. To ensure high ethical standards, SIDEFARMA, S.A. applies an integrated policy known as its Business Conduct Guidelines for all operations.

SIDEFARMA’s policy is available at SIDEFARMA’s website. We invite all suppliers to read this document at:

Our suppliers play an important role as enablers of our sustainable growth and success. SIDEFARMA, S.A. strives to conduct business with suppliers who share our commitment to high ethical standards and operate in a responsible and ethical manner.

To reinforce the standards of the Business Code of Conduct, SIDEFARMA, S.A. has developed this Supplier Code of Conduct. SIDEFARMA, S.A. requires its suppliers to acknowledge and adhere to the principles in the Supplier Code of Conduct and expects suppliers to:

  • Integrate and apply the principles of SIDEFARMA’s Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Operate in full compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Be aware of cultural differences and challenges associated with applying these principles globally. It is understood that the methods for meeting theses expectations may be different and must be consistent with the laws, values and cultural expectations in different societies in the world.
  • Implement the principles in a continuous improvement approach that advances performance over time


Suppliers should conduct their business in an ethical manner and act with integrity.

1. Business integrity and fair competition. All corruption, extortion and embezzlement are prohibited. Suppliers should not pay or accept bribes or participate in other illegal inducements in business or government relationships. Suppliers should conduct their business in compliance with all applicable anti-trust laws.

2. Identification of Concerns. Employees should be encouraged to report concerns or illegal activities in the workplace, without threat of reprisal, intimidation or harassment.

3. Privacy. Suppliers should safeguard and make only proper use of confidential information to ensure that company, worker and patient privacy rights are protected


Suppliers should be committed to uphold the human rights of workers and to treat them with dignity and respect.

1.  Freely chosen employment. Suppliers should not use forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labor.

2. Child labor and young workers. Suppliers should not use child labor. The employment of young workers should only occur in non-hazardous work and when young workers are above a country’s legal age for employment or the age established for completing compulsory education.

3.  Non-discrimination and fair treatment. Suppliers should provide a workplace free of harassment and discrimination as well as harsh and inhumane treatment.

4. Wages, benefits and working hours. Suppliers should pay employees according to applicable wage laws.

5. Freedom of association. Suppliers should respect the rights of employees as set forth in local laws, to associate freely, join or not join labor unions, seek representation and join workers’ councils. Employees should be able to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without threat of reprisal, intimidation or harassment.

Health and Safety

Suppliers should provide a safe and healthy working environment, including any company-provided living quarters.

1.  Worker protection. Suppliers should protect employees from over exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards.

2. Process safety. Suppliers should have programs in place to prevent or mitigate catastrophic releases of chemicals.

3. Emergency preparedness and response. Suppliers should identify and assess emergency situations and minimize their impact by implementing emergency plans and response procedures.

4. Hazard information. Safety information regarding hazardous materials should be available to educate, train and protect workers from hazards.


Suppliers should operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner, minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. Suppliers are encouraged to preserve natural resources avoid the use of hazardous materials and engage in activities that reuse and recycle.

  1. Environmental authorizations. Suppliers should comply with all applicable environmental regulations. All required environmental permits, licenses, information registrations and restrictions should be obtained and their operational and reporting requirements followed.
  2. Hazardous Products. Suppliers must have tools allowing them to manage any hazardous products including its handling and storage. In case suppliers need to supply or use any hazardous products within our premises, they must previously inform SIDEFARMA and provide the respective safety data sheets and technical data sheets.
  3. Waste. Suppliers must have systems that ensure the correct handling, moving and storage of the generated waste. They must ensure the separation of waste by promoting their recovery, and ensuring that the destination of all waste is duly licensed for the respective treatment.  In case of providing services within SIDEFARMA’s premises they are required to comply with waste separation implemented in the company. Whenever the supplier collects waste resulting from services provided to SIDEFARMA, the company may request proof of their destination.
  4. Gas emissions and wastewater discharges. Suppliers must ensure the control and treatment of gas emissions and effluents resulting from their activities, monitoring them whenever necessary. Whenever performing services within SIDEFARMA’s premises the discharge of hazardous substances into the drainage sewage system of the company is absolutely forbidden.
  5. Spills. Suppliers must have systems to prevent and mitigate spills and accidental releases into the environment.  Within the premises of SIDEFARMA they must take all preventive measures to avoid spillage while carrying out their activities.  In case of spillage suppliers must contain the same with absorbent material, avoiding contamination of drainage/sewage systems and soil. Suppliers must immediately inform SIDEFARMA’s employees of this situation.
  6. Environmental Noise.  The supplier must reduce the amount of noise sent outside, avoiding the discomfort in the existing sensitive areas nearby. In case of providing services involving noisy activities all necessary measures to minimize any inconvenience in the outside. Must be taken, namely whenever loud and noisy equipment is used, always ensuring that it complies with noise limit values established by law.

Animal Welfare

Animal testing should not be used unless alternatives are not scientifically valid or accepted to regulators. If animal testing is carried out, animals should be treated so that pain and stress are minimized.

Management Systems and Compliance

Suppliers should use management systems to facilitate continuous improvement and compliance in line with the expectations of this Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers are encouraged to integrate the Supplier Code of Conduct into an existing management system or to introduce an appropriate management system.

SIDEFARMA, S.A. expects its suppliers to present compliance to this Code of Conduct by cooperating in a transparent way with SIDEFARMA, S.A. and as appropriate grant access to relevant documentation and premises.

Suppliers Evaluation

According to the Quality Management System implemented in SIDEFARMA, we have defined a periodic evaluation of our Suppliers.

The classification is calculated annually and automatically, based on the average of the values per delivery of each material, product or service, in relation to the applicable parameters:

A – Suitable supplier: 0 – 1

B – Acceptable supplier: > 1 – 3

C – Conditional Supplier: > 3

For the supply(s) that obtain a B score – Acceptable Supplier – we inform that a re-evaluation will be done within a period of six months.

For the supply(s) that obtain C score – Conditional Supplier – a corrective action plan will be required.

The Supplier Evaluation Parameters can be found in the document attached.

Privacy Policy

Sidefarma, S.A. is guided by the respect of the legal rules regarding the treatment and privacy of the personal data of its interested parts, now reinforced by the new deliberation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which gave rise to the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016), thus increasing the security and control in their protection.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we have about you, please consult or use the email address for further clarification.