General Purchasing Conditions

1. Definitions

“Company” means Sidefarma – Sociedade Industrial de Expansão Farmacêutica S.A. “Supplier” means the person, company or society that supplies the merchandise. “Merchandise” means products or services to be supplied in the scope of this contract. “Contract” means the buy and sell merchandise agreement established between the company and the supplier to which are applicable the present conditions. 

2. Scope

This order constitutes a purchasing contract and its acceptance by the supplier implies the acceptance that the present conditions prevail over any other incompatible terms or conditions referred in “Supplier’s” documents, unless they are expressly accept, in writing, by the “Company”. 

3. Order Confirmation 

The “Supplier” must confirm the order within 10 days. All the orders non confirmed within this time will be cancelled by the “Company”. 

4. Delivery Time

If the “Supplier” predicts the existence of any difficulty in the accomplishment of the delivery date foreseen, must inform the “Company” immediately and predict a new delivery date. If the new date exceeds in five useful days the initial date, the “Company” reserves the right to annul or reduce the quantity of the order in cause. 

5. Package and Transport

a) The package cost is responsability of the “Supplier” except if previously established the contrary.
b) The transport of the merchandise until the “Company’s” warehouse in Prior Velho (Portugal) is of “Supplier’s” account and risk and shall always be considered as included in the price, except if previously established the contrary. 

6. Documentation

All the documents (Order confirmation, Shipping list, Delivery bill, Invoice) must refer in clear way the order number. All the orders of raw materials must be accompanied of analyses certificates. 

7. Reception

The signature placed in the transport document, by the employee that receives the “Merchandise”, only means that this entered the “Company’s” warehouse.

8. Approval

The “Company” will perform analyses to the “Merchandise” received within a maximum term of 30 days. In case the merchandise does not comply the specifictaions, the “Company” reserves the right to return, in full, the order. The term for complain might be extended in case of functional defect detected only in the production line. 

9. Applicable Law 

All the “Contracts” between the “Company” and the “Supplier” shall be ruled by the Portuguese law. All the conflicts between “Company” and “Supplier” shall be submitted to the Country Court of Lisbon.