Sidefarma obtains Environmental Certification

1 April 2015

Sidefarma obtains Environmental Certification

Sidefarma was granted, on March 9th, 2015, the ISO Certification on Environmental Management Systems.

It is with great pride that Sidefarma, S.A., a 100% Portuguese company, holder of several manufacturing authorizations and licenses of national and international brands, already certified by ISO 9001 standard, now achieves the Environmental Management System Certification by ISO 14001.

This recognition by APCER demonstrates the conformity of our systems, allowing us to move to other levels of organization, ensuring the suitability of our system, which is meant to be a reference for the industrial sector in which it operates.

Reaching this level of excellence, achieved with the effort and dedication of all employees of Sidefarma, S.A., we always focus on the quality, effectiveness and safety of our products and services, in harmony with the environment, with a view to:

  • The satisfaction of our customers, ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, as well as the environmental performance;
  • Minimization of the environmental impacts of our activities, ensuring pollution prevention, proper waste management and efficient use of water and energy resources;
  • Sustainable development as an integral part of our activities, ensuring not only a continuous effort to reduce potential impacts, but also the conditions necessary for economic growth and social recognition of the work that has been developed.